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Tidewater Clinical Research, along with the providers at The Group for Women, provide patients the very latest in medical care by collaborating with pharmaceutical companies in developing new drugs and devices in the areas of Women’s Health.

With 15 years of continued partnership, we have participated in new oral contraceptive, HPV, Pap smear, Overactive bladder, Urinary incontinence, endometriosis, prenatal testing, uterine fibroid, hyperactive sexual desire disorder trials and several new device trials.

Study Participation Benefits YOU as a Patient. Your participation advances the field of medcine; gives you access to first rate medical care; gives you an avenue to different treatment options; gives you access to current drugs in new combinations; and participation, in some cases, may offer a “cure of last resort” when nothing else has worked.

Clinical trials provide you access to new drugs before they are available in pharmacies. Our offices are generally involved in later-phase studies. These help define the exact effectiveness, as well as the often mild and rare side effects of new drugs by using them in large segments of the population having the appropriate medical condition.

You can always contact Tidewater Clinical Research at 757-471-3375 for more information.

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