Sentara Leigh Hospital

The Group for Women admits patients exclusively to Sentara Leigh Hospital. This hospital offers easy access from our offices and constantly strives to improve and update the health care provided to our patients. If you are hospitalized, one of our physicians will see you each day. During your hospital stay, our physicians will be happy to discuss your medical condition with your family, if you so desire. Please select a family member for this exchange of information. + Learn more about Sentara Leigh Hospital

Schedule a Hospital Tour

Advanced Birthing Center tours for expectant parents are provided by Sentara Leigh Hospital. Please call the hospital at 757-436-3622 in order to sign up for a tour or to obtain information.

Sentara Leigh also offers many classes for expectant parents. Childbirth classes are recommended for all patients, particularly those with their first pregnancy. Breastfeeding classes are available and this class gives you information which will be very valuable during those early days.

For more information on The Group for Women and our Obstetrics services, call us today at 757-466-6350.