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Breast cancer is a health risk for all women. Many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history, so it is important to get annual breast exams as part of your well woman check-up.

Some breast changes can be detected with self-examination between annual exams. At your next visit, ask your healthcare provider to teach you how to do a self-breast exam and how often you should be checking your breasts at home. Some changes that occur in the early stages of breast cancer can be very subtle, so regular examination is important for early detection.

Other breast problems may not be obvious and may require a mammogram screening for detection. Recommendations about mammograms may vary slightly, so ask your doctor when you should start getting an annual mammogram.

A thorough breast exam is an important part of the annual well woman exam. Early detection is important for breast cancer, and getting regular exams can help to familiarize you with what is normal for your body so that you and your doctor are better able to identify suspicious changes. Contact us today to schedule your annual exam.

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