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Prenatal Visits

  • At your first visit, a history will be taken by the nurse; blood will be drawn for serology, blood type, immunity to German measles, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and a complete blood count. A urinalysis and urine culture will also be done. You will then have a complete physical exam. At this visit you will be given your “Obstetrical (OB) Folder” containing very important information. Please retain this for future use.
  • Visit intervals are determined by the physician on an individual basis according to specific patient needs. Routine visits the first seven months are usually once a month. During your 8th month you usually come every two weeks and your 9th month you usually come in every week until you deliver.
  • Your visits during the first eight months are routinely “tummy checks.” Your provider will determine the growth of the uterus, listen for fetal heartbeat, and check for the position of the fetus. During your last four weeks, your doctor will do a pelvic exam, checking you internally to determine cervical changes and fetal position. Periodically during your pregnancy, a hemoglobin or iron count will be done by sticking your finger. If your iron count falls below 10.5 g/ml, then your count will be repeated at each visit until it is satisfactory. Your urine, weight and blood pressure will be checked at every visit.

Other routine testing done or offered during your pregnancy are:

  • At your second visit, you will be offered Cystic Fibrosis Testing. Please read information about this test, which is contained in a booklet in OB folder.
  • At approximately 14-18 weeks you will be offered Multiple Marker Blood Testing. Please see the booklet on AFP/TETRA in the OB folder for information concerning this Multiple Marker Blood Screening Test.
  • If indicated, an amniocentisis may be recommended by your physician early in your second trimester. This procedure is done in our ultrasound department by your physician. If you are Rh-, you will receive RhoGAM at this time.
  • The Group For Women delivers at Sentara Leigh Hospital. The nurse will give you a preadmission form for the hospital. Submitting this form to the hospital in advance will reduce your time in the admission office when you arrive for your delivery. Preadmission Form.
  • You may see all of the obstetrical doctors throughout your OB visits so that you will be acquainted with whoever is on call the day you deliver. You may choose to see only your physician, if so desired.
  •  If you have severe cramping or spotting, or a decrease in fetal movement at any time during your pregnancy, please call. If you have any other questions, please try to call during office hours so that we may see you if the need arises.
  • If you think you are in labor, or that your membranes have ruptured at any time, call our office (466-6350) during office hours. After office hours, call our Answering Service at 451-3800 or 466-6350 (which is forwarded to our answering service)
  • Please keep the enclosed medication list handy. This will help you decide what medications you can use safely during your pregnancy.
  • Birthing Center tours for expectant parents are provided by Sentara Leigh Hospital.

Please visit their website for class information and schedules as well as to register at Sentara Leigh Hospital.

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