When you come to any of the three clinics at The Group for Women during your pregnancy, we will provide quality ultrasounds that track your baby’s progress.

We offer two distinct procedures for monitoring fetal health:

  • Abdominal – During this common scan, we place a special gel on your stomach and apply the ultrasound transducer, which glides over your belly to reveal images of your baby on a monitor. This ultrasound is used to determine the sex of your child and to track growth.
  • Transvaginal – A small transducer is inserted into your vagina to create the images of your baby. These are more commonly used in the first trimester.

Ultrasounds are used for a variety of purposes throughout your pregnancy. Not only do we look for fetal anomalies, but the ultrasound may also be used to detect low levels of amniotic fluid, to determine multiple babies, to check fetal position and behavior, and to confirm your due date.

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