Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the Flu Vaccine during pregnancy?

Yes! Influenza has been shown to be safe in pregnancy. If you are at high risk for contracting influenza, it is strongly recommended.

How can I tell if I am in labor?

Consistent and constant uterine contractions as well as water breaking are signs you are in labor.

How do you know when it is not Braxton Hicks and time to go (to the hospital)?

Braxton Hicks contractions, commonly referred to as false labor, usually begin sometime after the 20th week of pregnancy. They can be intense, but they’re usually inconsistent. If you have questions, you should contact your physician.

How much weight should I gain during my pregnancy?

Every woman is different, but it is generally recommended to keep weight gain at approxmately 25 to 35 pounds.

How soon after delivery can I have intercourse?

It takes approximately 6 weeks for your uterus, cervix, and vaginal tissues to return to their normal pre-pregnant state.

What if I need dental work done?

You should feel free to keep your regular dental appointments. In fact, a healthy mouth benefits both you and your baby.

I have been recommended to receive amniocentesis. Should I worry?

Amniocentesis has been shown to be both safe and accurate in the diagnosis of chromosomal anomolies. If you have further questions, you should discuss your concerns with your OB.

My back hurts all the time. Is this normal?

Sciatica is a very common condition that usually occurs late in pregnancy due to the pressure your growing baby is putting on your joints and organs. Thankfully, this is temporary and resolves after delivery.

 I’m cramping a lot. Is that bad?

Many women experience cramping during the early stages of their pregnancy. If your cramping persists, feels intensely painful or if it is associated with bleeding or spotting, you should discuss this with your physician immediately.

Can I eat fish?

Recent findings from healthcare officials have lead to recent and more strict warnings about the consumption of fish. There is concern that the level of mercury in fish might pose certain risks to a developing fetus.

What are the effects of antibiotic use on birth control pills?

Some antibiotics and certain other medications have the potential to reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. If you are taking antibiotics, you should discuss alternate methods of birth control with your physician.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy, also known as tubal pregnancy, develops outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube.

What is the possibility of my passing herpes to my child during labor/delivery?

Because of the risk of transmission to your infant, the American College of OB/GYN recommends cesarean section if any herpes lesions are present at the time of your delivery.

What types of pain relief are available during and after childbirth?

There are several types of anesthesia that can be used during labor and delivery. It is important for each woman to understand her options and discuss them with her physician before she goes into labor.

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