When the time comes to have your baby, you want an experienced team with you throughout the birthing process. The obstetricians at The Group for Women have helped bring many new bundles of joy into the world, and we are here to provide the care and support you need in the delivery room. Our affiliation with Sentara Leigh Hospital provides you with a safe, clean environment for you and your newborn.

When you arrive at Sentara Leigh to give birth, please make sure to bring your completed pre-admission paperwork provided to you by our office during your initial OB care visit found inside your STOB folder. If you’ve misplaced the form or are unable to print it, no worries, a nurse will provide this form to you upon check in at the hospital. Submitting this form to the hospital in advance with also reduce your time in the admission office when you arrive for your delivery. (a copy of this form is provided below) We encourage you to see all of the obstetrical providers throughout your OB visits so that you will be acquainted with whoever is on call the day you deliver.

Advanced Birthing Center tours and Birthing Classes for expectant parents are provided by Sentara Leigh Hospital. Please call the hospital at 800-736-8272 for more information. To schedule an appointment with any of the doctors at The Group for Women, call us today at 757-466-6350.

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