Mirena LogoFor women seeking a long-term, reversible method of birth control, the Mirena® IUD is one of the most effective devices on the market. This hormone-releasing system is placed in your uterus and designed to prevent pregnancy for up to five years – you won’t even know it’s there! When you are ready to start a family, you can have the Mirena® device removed, and there is no wait time to observe before you begin conception.

Mirena® was approved by the FDA in 2000 for use as a contraception device, and in 2009 as a treatment for heavy periods. The hormone levonorgestrel is released from the IUD into the uterus, and thickens cervical mucus to prevent sperm from fertilization.

Having Mirena® Placed:

  • Inserted by your healthcare provider during an office visit
  • Typically takes just a few minutes
  • Cramps, dizziness and/or bleeding are common side effects. Ask your healthcare provider about over-the-counter pain medication you can take to minimize cramps
  • Let your healthcare provider know if your side effects are severe or last more than 30 minutes as Mirena may not have been properly placed.

Mirena® is recommended for patients who have already had one or more children and seek long-term but not permanent birth control. If you have experienced pelvic infections or illnesses in the past, this device may not be recommended for your use. We strongly advise a consultation with one of our doctors to determine the right birth control method for you.

For more questions on Mirena® and other types of contraception, please call The Group for Women at 757-466-5751.


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